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"Kemao" medicinal film coating premixed agent, medicinal starch and dextrin, ultra-low moisture starch, sterile starch and other starch series highly processed products.


Medicinal film coating premix

Specification: 25kg/drum
Packaging: in drum
To use:

As film-coated agent of tablets and pills; main function: light proofing, moisture proofing, smell proofing; being categorized into gastric-soluble, enteric soluble and buccal specifications

Description of products

Directly used as coating premix of tablets and pills; man ingredients: filming material, plasticizer, inorganic pigment and surface active agent

category menstruum function
common gastric-soluble 85% or below ethyl alcohol common coating for dust and light proofing
moisture proofing gastric-soluble 70-85% ethyl alcohol moisture proofing
special moisture proofing type 95% ethyl alcohol excellent moisture proofing property
quick gastric-soluble 85% or below ethyl alcohol quick disintegration
full moisture gastric-soluble water antiriot property
common enteric soluble 70-95% ethyl alcohol up to standard of most enteric soluble preparation
polishing type 95% or below ethyl alcohol and water strengthening of brightness
transparent type 85% or below ethyl alcohol dust proofing
controlled-release type 90% or below ethyl alcohol as sustained release preparation
special type on demand